Award Technical Limited

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A lot of small businesses have difficulty getting setup on the web, you need a domain, hosting and some pages to show, there’s a lot to sort out.

I can help you get started!

I will help you to choose a domain and then register it.

I’ll set you up a hosted area for your website.

I will create email accounts for you so that you can advertise yourself in your email address.

I’ll create up to 4 pages for a basic site created using Serif WebPlus. I will need you to contribute some descriptive text and some pictures. I can help you with this as well.

I’ll then get the site loaded up and register it with Google.

If you then want to get a more sophisticated site then I can recommend you to web site designers that I work with who will be able to do really whizzy stuff!

The cost for this service is £150 + VAT.

This includes hosting for 1 year. Ongoing costs would be the cost of renewing the domain registration (£20 - £40 depending on the domain name) and hosting (£60 per year, per site)

It usually takes a few days to get a website up and running but it will be largely dependent on you getting the information to me!

If you have an email address that advertises someone else (like or then you need to get your own website (like, it looks so much more professional!