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This program logs the size of directories that you choose as frequently as you decide. You can then view the data in a spreadsheet to see where problems are being caused.

I have over 30 years experience as a programmer and use Java and C# to create desktop applications for people. I can also write applications that interface to databases held on the Internet using PHP.

If you want the computer to do something but can’t find a way of doing it give me a call to have something developed specifically for you, it’s probably cheaper than you think! I specialise in prototyping which means that I develop something quick to help you clarify exactly what you want and then we can keep changing things until you’re happy with the result.

I often write programs for my own use as a system administrator, one of the examples is below in case any other sysadmin wants to use it.


This application allows you to record when you start and stop tasks. This is great for time management as it lets you see where your time is going. It also helps you to record time spent on things for billing purposes. Check out TimeSum